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Sunday, June 6, 2010

been a long time

like been a years that i didnt post anything. weel the reason is im soo soo busy . naaaaaaaa. im lying .actually im just dont know what to write. hmm. im just thinking about my up coming business . so pray for my rezeki. insyallah. ika said she can give me some modal but she said she want to wait till my untung she can see. soo. i hope someone bank in too me. and sape2 yg pnjam duet aku pls pls pls laa pulang lek. duet mara da masuk kan. ble korg susah aku tolnog . so ble aku susah im kinda hope that u people can help me.

what else. relation. hmm. im just thinking that am i really want this so badly? i do love him. but biar la Allah yg tentukan. im just hoping the best for myself :)

tu with him. yg ni with friend lak.

dear my friend, i really miss you all. that all i want you to know. even though we are near but i know everybody have a work to do. JIMMY,CIK ASS,BOBOY,HUDA, and sume kat KP. i miss too lapak with y'all. but i dont know the right time to lepak with y'll. im asked jimmy ble bole lepak. but he said he kinda busy. its ok. i have to understand thaat he got alot to doo. i missed everything yg jd kat korg kann. :(

relation sll jd masalah. i think im thinking too much bout everybody but not thinking even 10% bout myself . go invite everybody except me yg da lama kawan dengan kau. ANNOYED !

KPTM !! i miss u so so so so fucking damn much. people kat sne yg byk happy kan aku. thats why when i go to collage hard for me to come back KJ. haha. sorry all the dearsss :)

promise to update my blog. errr. i mean ALWAYS . ngeee :)

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