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Monday, February 22, 2010

BEL 260 (unit 2 & 3)


Practice page 58

1) Chronological order
2) Spatial order
3) Classification and division order
4) Comparison and contrast order
5) Cause-effect order
6) Problem-solution order

Practice page 61

Question 1

Introduction : Obesity among the young child has became a serious problem and new trend. Obesity is a serious problem among youth because of the food that we are taking. It also can cause a health problem and the environment or mentally and physical factor.

Conclusion : There are many factors that someone can become obesity. Without a proper diet, which is taking a food according to a schedule someone can easily eat too much of food that she or he want to take in single serve.

Question 2

Introduction : Now days teenager like to take very little of food to eat. They afraid they will become fat soon. Some of them are not satisfy with their body till they willing to take all those diet pills till they become anorexia. After they eat their meals they will puke it out back. Parents should play a bigger role in dealing with their children especially among teenager. Conclusion : As a conclusion parents should important role and be a good example of their children. They should be cooperate with their children to avoid the anorexia among teenagers before it will be too late.

Question 3

Introduction : Quitting smoking makes a difference right away in the way we feel.We can taste and smell food better.Nowadays,they were many nationwide campaigns organised by the government to reduce smoking.Unfortunately,they are not effective.

Health care workers have become extremely active in publicizing the negative effects of smoking.Teen smooking rates remain of concern as in 2003,approximately 22 percent of high school were smokers.We need to prevent this problem.

Question 4

Government hospital seems to be not attractive as they were many people there because it is low cost for everyone.Thus,the quality is quite low.The Health Ministry should make working for government hospital more attractive.

As the conclusion,the Health Ministry should take many ways to make working for government hospital more attractive.This is really important.It has to be more attractive to attract more people.

Question 5

The Health Ministry should came down hard on unhygienic eateries.It is very important to everyone.We need to know more about this.

As the conclusion,the Health Ministry should came down hard on hygienic eateries.

Unit 3

Practice 1 page 80

1) Never be
2) Still misplace
3) Also lose
4) Cannot
5) Spend
6) Have go through
7) Just come
8) Lose Since last Tuesday I just bought Celcom broadband to help me easily to find my assignment and doing assignment thing but till today I still cannot use it because they said my mycard having trouble with bluring thing and they cannot proceed to submit to Celcom centre and it make me hard to find information about my assignment.

Practice 2 page 81
1) Has record
2) Recently introduced
3) Already take
4) Has file
5) Were not having
6) Never get
7) Lately showing
8) Has come up
9) Has proposed
10) Not trying
11) Also not be
12) Did ; Has determine
13) Is ; Has suggested
14) Did ; Contact
15) Is it ; agree
16) Has informed
17) Will be
18) Have searching
19) Not find
20) We will having a family day soon after we finish all the work.

Practice 1 page 84
1) Before I going to played the whole day, I have to studied first.
2) By the time Aliff has finished dinner, he quickly reached home to sleep.
3) As soon as I completed my assignment I submitted the assignment through my blog.
4) Rosli disagreed with the idea because there is nobody explained in detail to him about the idea.

Practice 2 page 85
1) Since I help my father to paid the bill, he had left me a tip.
2) Since you want to got a clean bill of health, you have to exercised every day.
3) Since last year they had an engagement ceremony, at last they got married.
4) As a dishes my sister ate a fruit after she ate her main meal.
5) Kamal babysat the toddler then she received extra allowance.
6) Before the chef rested, he already cleaned the kitchen.
7) My family already did a survey before we went to travelling to Brunei.
8) Her maid had prepared the food and before we arrived to my mother’s friend house her maid already served it.
9) My brother always slept like a log because he worked like a dog.

Practice 3 page 86
1) The man that he saw last month begging for food on the street are now drive a luxury car.
2) The result showed that she got an A for her Mathematics exam although she was failed her Mathematics exam
3) He only ordered two books but he received an extra of three books.
4) The umpire had make a wrong announcement about the winner of tennis match is Simon.
5) The flat tire that I had just now are fine when I reached the workshop.
6) Nazmi is lucky because even though he was failed his university entrance exam, the university still offered him a place to study there.


zaki shukor said...

thanks weh...
aku google topic2 ni untuk assignment bel260 aku, nak buat isi..tiba2 muncul blog ni...hahahah..terbaik..copy paste terus :P
thanks :D
pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang

qilarazak said...

ish3. btw sape kah gerangan kau?

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