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Saturday, February 20, 2010

BEL 260 (unit 1)

Practice page 29
1)Point :
a) Very open
b) Everyone can read it
c) Not making any argument

Thesis statement : There should be censorship for blogging because the internet is very wide and very open. Everyone can read it without any prohibition and will not making any argument between anyone.

2)Point :
a) Make the election become easier
b) Everyone go surfing
c) Not making any rubbish

Thesis statement : Politicians should utilise the Internet for their election campaigns because with internet they will make the election become easier because everyone go surfing everyday and the will not making any rubbish which will save the environment.

3)Point :
a) Shorter are better
b) Do not know how to spell properly
c) Impuring languages

Thesis statement : Text messaging has caused the deterioration of proper English usage because they think the text if shoerter is much better and make they forget how to spell the word correctly when they need to use the words in their essey in exams or in formal and they are destroying English languages.

4) Points :
a) Facility of technology
b) Technology become more efficient
c) World-wide

Thesis statement : With the emergence of multi-purpose phones, iPods and digital cameras may soon be obsolate because its shows the technology of comunication become more efficient and there is one of the facility of technology and it can connect to the world-wide people.

Practice page 31.

Question no. 2 (Primary school students should be allowed to carry mobile phones to school)

In my opinion, they should be allowed to bring a mobile phone to schools. That way, the parent would be able to remain in touch with the child or children.Of course, some basic rules need to be observed such as never to call the child and discourage the child from calling the parent during a class.The child should also be told to keep the ringer of the mobile phone, silent and only on the vibrating alert mode, so that the parent can alert them of any emergency or urgency.

Schools also need to educate both, the children and parents and enforce some code of conduct on use of mobile phones. For example, students should not be allowed to bring expensive mobile handsets to the school. This can cause what is generally described as "peer pressure" meaning somebody who has a simpler handset will crave or fight with his or her parents for the pricey one- just to show off in the school. Also, jealous students might isolate the child with a high-end mobile or try to damage the instrument.

Children should be allowed to carry mobile phones that have a pre-paid limit only and the use of the credit should be monitored by parents to ensure that the child is not calling any porn chat lines or accessing such adult stuff available either locally or through long distance calls. The credit limit should however be sufficient for the child to make at least 30 minutes to one hour of a local call. Numbers dialed by the child should be monitored as well. And instruct the child not to give out his or her number to strangers.


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