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Sunday, February 28, 2010

BEL 260 (8hours)

Making predictions
Page 74-77
Practice 1 ( A )
1. Opinion
2. Fact
3. Fact
4. Opinion

Practice 1 ( B )

Levi’s knowledge of the dry-goods business has helped him to become a successful businessman

Practice 1 ( C )

He will be able to expand his business with the loan he obtained

Practice 2
1. A) eBay
b) book
c) bargain prices
d) sellers/purchase/product

2. Shopping on eBay is popular because there there is a wide range of products to choose from, it is convenient are large number of sellers to do business with.

3. Its possible for eBay t have an unlimited number of products to choose from because eBay is actually an online action website.

4. The popularity of eBay reached an all time high, eBay allows Internet users to sell just about anything.

5. The author mean by “positive experience” stated that the customer should know what will be happen.

6. a) fact
b) fact
c) opinion
7. a) true
b) true
c) false

Unit 4
Page 104
Main idea : Hybrid and mutant animals.
Supporting details : To attract the public, zoos and menageries once bred exotic-looking hybrid big cats.
Prior knowledge : Hybrids are mythological creatures combining body parts of more than one real species.

Logical conclusion : A genetic hybrid carries two different alleles of the same gene.

Main idea : Function of cholesterol.

Supporting detail: Help the body makes new cells.

Prior knowledge: Cholesterol is a fatty substance or a lipid that is an important part of the outer lining of cells in the body of animals. It is also found in the blood circulation of humans.

Logical conclusions: Cholesterol is not a deadly poison but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals. There are no such thing as good or bad cholesterol but mental stress physical physical activity and change of body weight may influence the level of blood cholesterol.

Page 107.
a)Stone therapy became popular among Hollywood celebrities almost instantly.
b)The healing stones treatment quickly spread to other parts of the world.

a) when : Modern Stone therapy began in the middle 1990s
b)which : chosen stones

4) The treatment time of stone therapy range from 60 to 120 minutes because use of different techniques,types of stones and layout of stones for different needs of a client.

5) c
a)Needs to performed with a lot of caution.
b)Hot, heavy and sometimes cumbersome stones require careful handling and accurate placement on the body.
8) c

Page 137

Practice 1

Writer’s tone:confuse
Word used to show tone and achieve intention:
Corporal punishment can sometimes lead to abuse
Writer’s intention:
Important of corporal punishment

2.Not biased
Writer’s tone:strict
Word used to show tone and achieve attention:
Educating a child by beating her or him
Writer’s intention:
Educate the child properly

3.Not biased
Writer’s tone:strict
Word used to show tone and achieve attention:
Vital for us to allow teachers to discipline our children trough corporal punishment
Writer’s intention:
Punishment should be more strict due to the increase in crimes committed by teenagers

B.Yes because it explain all about corporal punishment and the situation.
Analysing and evaluating reading texts.
Page 140
Practice 1
Practice 2
1. B - advertising

2. C - respond

3. It say that a storyteller can listen to the listener and reciprocate with attention.

4. B - optimistic

5. Television capture the viewer’s attention to watch advertisement based on advertising companies and, in exchange, feeds the “culture” stories.

6. D – indifferent

7. It say that the if we reinfuse our culture with stories, our need will gradually be met without television or cinema, without shiny shoes that makes us feel heroes or costly cars that give us the illusory mask of a champion.

8. D – to inform the readers how storytelling is better replaced with advertising.

Unit 6

Page 170
Practise 1
1. The purpose of the graph is to investigate the offences in cities with a population of 1000 000 and over.
2. The city had similar numbers of rape and aggravated assaults is City C and city F.
3. Robbery is the criminal offence should the authorities pay more attention ,because the number of crimes for this criminal is high in every city.
4. City F is probably the safest to live in.

Page 171
Practise 2
1. The number of law students graduating year-on-year is increase.
2. True.
3. The preferred profession among law graduates is lawyers.
4. The group of people makes up the minority of the legal profession is law clerk.

Page 172
Practise 1
i. (R )
ii. (IR)
iii. (R )

i. (IR)
ii. (R )
iii. (R )

Page 173,174,175

a) Assisted euthanasia.
b) Passive euthanasia.
c) Supplying a lethal dose of a drug.
d) The most controversial one because the doctors or health workers themselves take active measure to end the patient’s life.
e) By directly administering a fatal injection.

3.the factor of euthanasia
a) They opt to die voluntarily through the use of ‘living wills’ or ‘advance declaration’.
b) These are legal instruments in granting people’s wishes while they are still alive,including their wishes to die.
6.the another possible reason is medications that they require are very expensive.

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