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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BEL 260


That you can depend on to be good, sincere, honest.

*Trustworthy persons are hard to find," Markham stated, "especially in the younger generation.
*Trustworthy reporters had to be engaged.
*Trustworthy authorities estimate that not less than forty per cent of her entire population were at that time of Southern birth, naturally Democratic in politics and for the most part pro-slavery in sentiment.


Easily influenced, damaged, or affected by.

*People in a new country are highly susceptible to illness.
*How susceptible is China to the Global Crisis?.
*Susceptible persons should wear thick, warm (not rough) stockings and warm gloves.


To change the shape or sound of something so that it seems strange or is not clear.

*The kidnapper used a device to distort his voice over the telephone.
*I pushed off the distort, and instantly the world was alive with the noise it had cloaked
*What they distort is their relationship to the facts.


Able to make mistakes or be wrong.

*I have never met one of their kind who would admit any fallibility whatsoever.
*He did not like the having to go and tell of a love affair so soon after he had declared his belief that no such thing existed; it was a confession of fallibility which is distasteful to most men.
*Some characteristic later themes, such as the fallibility of individual judgments and the rejection of correspondence accounts of truth, here make an early appearance


Happening or done without being planned or organized, but because you suddenly feel you would like to do it.

*Spontaneously and absolutely without a suggestion of affectation her love was poured out generously to the man who had won her heart, and each evening it seemed as if my affection had increased a thousand fold.
*Spontaneously I appropriate all their material, and turn it to my own ends, as if it was my inheritance from.
*Spontaneously, the residents surveyed evaluate the price of a suit at highest price.


The quality of always having the same standard, opinions, behaviour.

*Consistency is the main requirement for a performer on the road to keep in mind.
*Consistency is often the hallmark of something that's been rehearsed.
*Consistency, that was the key.


To make a formal statement of what is true, especially in a court of law.

*Testifying before a congressional hearing on steroids in March, Palmeiro said that he never used such drugs.
*Testifying for the defense yesterday, a psychologist said Malvo told him he was the spotter and not the shooter in the killing of an FBI analyst.
*Testifying by video link from Baghdad, Ryan Crocker delivered a candid assessment of the Iraqi government's troubles.


Someone who perpetrates wrong doing.

*They both have a tendency to be late for appointments.
*She seems to have a tendency towards depression.
*Perpetrator is still held accountable and charged with murder.


To invent a story, piece of information etc in order to deceive someone.

*Fabricate and install new roll-up door to include removal of existing roll-up door.
*Fabricate issues, just like they do.
*Scientists Fabricate Organic Transistor with Improved Performance


the ratio (for a given time period) of the number of occurrences of a disease or event to the number of units at risk in the population.

*Comprehending a History of the Vice in Ancient and Modern Times, and in Both Hemispheres; an Exposition of Its Alarming Prevalence and Destructive Effects; with an Unreserved and Exhaustive Disclosure of Such Frauds, Tricks and Devices as Are Practiced by "Professional" Gamblers, "Confidence Men" and "Bunko Steerers.
*€œFull Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women
*The Effect of Sexual Behavior Change on Long Term HIV Prevalence Among Homosexual Men


Tending to doubt or not believe what other people tell you.

*Many doctors are sceptical about the value of alternative medicine.
*Sceptical his mind in many ways was.
*Sceptical as he was in many ways, he had the belief which is fundamental, which no scientific discovery or philosophic speculation can shake or move.

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